004: Evaluation and Feedback (Special Guest Tim Graettinger)

July 14, 2019

Evaluation and Feedback are crucial for improving in anything.  However, not all of us know how to give or receive feedback. In this week’s episode, Jeff and Dan are joined by a very special guest, Tim Graettinger as they discuss evaluation and feedback.  

Tim Graettinger is the founder of Discovery Corps, Inc., a Pittsburgh-area consultancy specializing in data science and machine learning solutions for health-care, insurance, and related industries.  He's a long-time Toastmaster and past president of the Pittsburgh Toastmasters Club. Tim is also an avid hiker who spends a lot of time on the Montour Trail and other trails around the country.

Jeff and Tim also speak quite a bit about Toastmasters in this episode.  For more information on Toastmasters International, visit

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